Sunday, February 17, 2013

January Sixteenth.

Hi Beauties.
This post was written last month (don't worry…I'm not losin' it. I know it's February. LOL), but for some never got published. 
I wanted to share it anyway, because I love & appreciate you ALL so so much!
Besides…it's never too late for love, kindness & appreciation, right? 

Two years ago today…my little dream of blogging came true.
(You can see my very first post here.)
With every new face I see, & each moment that passes…my heart continues to grow.
Never could I have imagined the overwhelming joy this brings me.
The fact that this many of you, take time out of your busy lives, to spend even a moment in mine…means so much more than words could ever express.
To say that I am grateful is the biggest understatement.
I've "met" so many wonderful girls & I ADORE each & every one of you.
You guys are my Sunshine & I wanna give you the world!
For all that you do & all that you are…I love you & I thank you.

Two years down…and a lifetime to go!
I look forward to getting to know all of you so much better & one day…meeting as many of you as I possibly can!
You're as beautiful as it gets & I'm so honored to be on this journey with you.

Here's to the rest of our lives! The best of our lives! 
HUGE hugs & gratitude...from my heart ♥ all of yours.
I ♥♥ My Kandy Family!


If you haven't already…tomorrow's the very last day…


And because I love you so...

Your Veronika,


Susan said...

Happy Blogiversary girlie!!! 2 years!! wow.

Diana Wrzask said...

yay! how exciting!

Miranda M. said...

Happy Blog Birthday - two years is quite a long time taking great dedication :) and congratulations on the 500 followers, big milestone!! here's to more blogging and more inspirational quotes and advice!

Miranda M Pretty Squared