Monday, February 25, 2013

How Do I Love Thee...

What does the perfect Valentine's Day consist of?
Yummy Treats...Check.
Heartfelt Cards...Check.
Sweet Surprises...Check.
Moments Spent With The One(s) You Love...Check.

What if you have all that...and so much more?
How do you possibly say Thank You?
Even though it's way past ♥ day now...I wanted to give these little Angels...proper credit & extreme love & gratitude!
This is how I spent mine...

Starting with this box of love from the beautiful, Susan from Ava Grace's Closet!

Are you freakin' kidding me me???
How glam & gorgeous is this?
I could not LOVE this purse more & your sweet as it gets! 
♥ what you wrote & can't believe how well you know me...without ever meeting me! GREAT JOB, Sister! And my know how much I love me some "Union Jack" & so cute of you to remember. I love the colors & I love the gloss! But most of all...I love that I have something to look at every day to think of you! There are no words. I am so so grateful & so so blessed to have you in my life...and in my heart. Until we meet one day in person...I will always live in your computer & I am always always here. 
♥ you, Beautiful!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Dolce thanks you too...for her new home!


And next from this beauty Jenna, who was the winner of my Christmas Giveaway (here) & will soon be Blogging here! (Stop by & show her some love! She'll be excited!)
Who sends me my own Giveaway in return?
This adorable girl does!
Jenna, Jenna have no idea how big my smile was & still is...and how surprised I was & appreciative I am!
Your card touched my heart & this box of goodies...I can't believe the sweetness/thoughtfulness!
From my personalized mug (I LOVE my name/initials on things),  to yummy smelling goods (Adore those things too), to my Headache kit. I think that one made my heart smile most. So so thoughtful & so so sweet. Cuffs are my favorite bracelets of all time, & this girl LOVES to bake...and eat! LOL. Love my yummy candies as well! The packaging, the cards, the love, the surprise...every single thing...touched my heart....far beyond measure
I will cherish you & all of my goodies...always. 
Thank you...with all of my heart.
So blessed to call your my Friend. 

Oh don't worry...there's more.
Next is from my beautiful friend from High School, Julie.
My very first Valentine of the day!
And inside...

The most adorable words & the most adorable little envelope & earrings to match!
SO SO sweet & SO SO unexpected!
You are a Doll, Julie, & your kindness knows no bounds.
You're as warm & wonderful as it gets & now that I know we're Armenian Sisters...we're meant to be friends for life! 
I love you & appreciate pieces!
Thank you, Julie Jan.

And my last delivery of the day...
This mug of heaven from the only other "Boo" in my life besides my beautiful Brittany!
Girl...your card made me cry & this yummy-ness made me grub like a motha! LOL!
YOU, my amazing friend...have touched my life, and my heart...more than any words could ever express, & I know, without a doubt...we'll be friends for life!
No matter the distance, even if we never get to meet (please...we so will) are such a beautiful light in my life & I'm so so blessed to have "met" you & so so blessed to know you & love you. 
Not only are these my very favorite...I was so surprised...I smiled on the outside and the inside.
And truth...I haven't stopped yet. 
You're an Angel & my Soul Sista forever.
I love you to the moon & back & can't wait till the day I get to hug you!
Thank you...with every beat of my heart.
Love you, Boo!

All of your cards & words of love are kept in a very special box & whenever I need some extra sunshine...I know exactly where to go! You girls...& ALL of you reading this...make my heart so happy...I often run out of words to truly express my gratitude. Just know that some of the best moments of my days are those spent with you, & I truly do...carry each one of you in my heart. I am forever grateful, and forever blessed. What a beautiful world we live be filled with so many Angels. La Vita Bella & so are all of you! 

I hope & pray that you felt as loved as I did on Valentine's Day & that you'll continue to feel that way...every day. If no one told you they love you today...I did...and I do

Thank you for being SUCH a joy in my life & by of my very favorite parts!


And if you haven't yet…

HUGE Love & Hugs to you ALL!
Have a beautiful night, My Sweethearts.

A VERY Blessed & Grateful Girl,


Susan said...

Awwww! This was so beautiful to see! You are truly special and I'm glad I could choose a few little goodies for the girl who has everything!! ;)
Love you girl!
Now, how far is Houston from where you are? Mama may be comin'!! xoxo

Miranda M. said...

these are all so cute and I love the red and pinks! it's the little things that warm the heart :)

Miranda M | Pretty Squared