Saturday, October 27, 2012

MAC "Glamour Daze" Collection!

How ADORABLE is this Collection!
I'm in ♥ with all of it!
Surprise. Surprise.
All I need is more MAC…but then…they show me this! LOL.
So…here's what I bought got suckered into getting…

From Left to Right…

"Outrageously Fun"

"I'm The One"

"Pink Fade"
"Deliciously Demure"

and what hasn't arrived yet…

Kohl Power Eye Pencils



STILL eying this Nailpolish too, but not sure yet.

"In The Limelight"

And they have adorable Gift Sets for Christmas!
Everything's available online now here!
But hurry fast.
They won't last long!

Happy Saturday, Beauties!
Hope it's filled with everything & everyone…you love most!
HUGE Love & Hugs to you!

Oh & And If You Haven't…You Must!

Love You. Mean It.


Nida Moughal said...

oh i need "Glamourdaze" lipstick in my life.

Kori said...

I love the entire collection! Kori xoxo Love you V!

Jennifer said...

I love the collection! Totally me.

Jenna said...

I love the collection it is so cute! The packaging is amazing!

I say get the polish! Its a great color and I bet it would look great on you! :)

Love you too...Mean it :)

Susan said...

LOVE MAC products. And they're Canadian. Yay!

Jiienna said...

I love this collection<3 Could eat it :DD So cute!