Friday, January 27, 2012

"Sweets for my Sweets" Valentine Giveaway!

Hey Gorgeous Girls!
It's that time again!
I'm ready to give give give!
I know a lot of Bloggers think other Bloggers do giveaways just to "bribe" Followers to join, but all I can say is those people must have never had one! LOL! The most I ever receive is about 2-3 new followers! For's not about that. It's about giving...because well...I just love it, that's all! If I have fun things...I want everyone else to have them too! So there! He He.

Valentine's Day is not just about is a day to celebrate every form. Of course every day should be celebrated with love, but not every day has hearts, chocolate, and everything pink & girly! honor "all things girly"...this one's for my girls! Or guys who wanna win this for their girl, of course! She will be me!

Here's what you'll get...

You can read about the LUSH Gift Set here, the Candle here (smells exactly like Chocolate & has a real ring inside!), & the Naked Palette 2 here.

This giveaway is open to all my blog followers. This way you get one automatic entry for being a follower, you just need to comment below. Post about the giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) and get one additional entry (2 entries if you post in both places). And of course I need to be your friend/ be able to be sure that you did! Gotta be fair! If I'm not already...add me to both with my links in the sidebar (FACEBOOK & TWEETHEARTS).
♥ Follow & post on my Facebook "Fan" Page (PAPARAZZI)

If you make a post/mention in your blog about this giveaway you get TWO entries!

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook Fan Page: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

Now, you just need to comment with your name & all your entries, pretty please & also link me to your tweet/facebook post/blog post to get the additional entries if you promote.
For all of my Facebook Friends, who are not "bloggers" & don't yet follow my blog...I know a lot of you have had trouble before, so the best way for me to explain it is...
1. Click on the little blue button above all the little faces you see on the left hand side of my page that reads, "JOIN THIS SITE". From there you will have the option to join with either your Google, Twitter, or Yahoo accounts. If you don't have any of these...the easiest one would be to create a Google account. VERY simple instructions from there. This way...all of you to be able to win!

This Giveaway will run until Wednesday, February. 1, at Midnight! (Texas Time), & the winner will be announced the following day! I am leaving to go out of town on Friday (the 3rd.) & won't be back until the 13th, so I wanna make sure you get your goodies way before Valentine's Day! SO...In addition to your entry...if you could also email me your address...just in case you're the winner...that would be awesome. Only becasue I have to get it in the mail before I leave!
Here's to you, my Gorgeous Girls!
You are the most favorite followers/friends one could ask or wish for.
Thank you all so much for being here & supporting my little blog.
I love & appreciate you all!

Love & Valentine "Sweets...for my Sweets",


The Original Drama Mama said...

I'm a follower! Loved your tweet about working out from the other day!

The Original Drama Mama said...

I tweeted!!/OriginalDraMama/status/162972315511033856
I'll tweet again before it ends, just because I think you have the BEST giveaways!

The Original Drama Mama said...

Just talked it up with a link on FaceBook! Hope you get lots of entries, and I agree that it's really just fun to give things away - but I hope you get some more followers too!

Carolyn said...

I'm a follower! :)

Carolyn said...

Tweeted it!!/lifeloveandpups/status/162987561650884608

The Original Drama Mama said...

Ok blogged about it on my website! Hope a few friends swing by to enter :) Have a great weekend!

Molly said...

I'm a new follower!! :)

The Original Drama Mama said...

Oops...forgot to put the link to the website post!

Jlmarquez said...

Hi Girly! I just love reading your blog!I hope all is well! =)
I tweeted your giveaway..!/jlmarquez77

And I posted a link on my FB page too! =)

jennettefisher said...

I love you V and your blog. One if these days I am going to win one of your give aways! Muah!

jennettefisher said...

I love you V and your blog. One if these days I am going to win one of your give aways! Muah!

Leslie said...

Looks like such fun things!!!! I am a follower and also I follow you on fb. Hope I win!! (wink wink) thanks for making this giveaway possible!!! :)

Jenna said...

I am a follower!

I love your giveaways! They're always amazing!

Kori Donahue said...

Please enter me!!!!!! I hope I win!!! Kori xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower thanks to Kori @ Blonde Episodes!

I tweeted! @Heydtie042!/Heydtie042/status/163156550310039552

Follow and posted on Facebook fan page! Erin Heydt

I put your giveaway on my right sidebar.

Veronika said...

Awww...YEAY!!! =) I LOVE all my girls SO SO much! Thank you all...for your endless love & support, and for being as excited as I am about giveaways! =) A HUGE warm welcome to Molly & Erin! SO happy to have you both here & I'll def stop by & follow you both too! =) Thank you guys so so much! I can't WAIT to ship these goodies off to you! =) Have a beautiful day & weekend, everyone! I love & appreciate you! XO

Heather said...

Oh WOW!!! This is great! You know I NEED that Naked 2 palette! I better get busy! I'll get back to you with my total for entries. Where ya going??? On a fabulous vacay I hope! Love you!

anna krystine said...

amazing giveaway!! Im a new follower :)

soccermom1 said...

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soccermom1 said...

rjs682 at yahoo dot com

tmc480 said...

I am following GFC-tmc480
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tmc480 said...


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ryanac32 said...

GFC follow
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Veronika said...

Yeay!!! Thank you SO SO much, everyone! I am SO excited for all your entries, & SO excited to have new followers/friends! =) Best of luck to all of you! Stay tuned... XO

Jenna said...

I tweeted!!/JTubesoxTattoos/status/164881026093551616

Heather said...

Okay! 3 entries for me. 1 for following, 1 for tweeting, 1 for BCB Facebook page! Yipee! Hope you are having a great week! XO

Alyssa said...

4 please!



and my blog post.