Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Sunday, Sweethearts!

Next week I'll be back to my usual "Sunday Sweethearts" again, but for this's a little video I came across from a old friend of mine...that I wanted to share. I know some people will 100% disagree with me...but here's my opposition for being more "religious"...and less "spiritual". You see I too am a Christian...and I am 100% a's the "followers" that I'm not a fan of. Not all of them of course...just the ones that "claim" to be believers & preach hatred & judgement...instead of acceptance & love. God = Love. If you know him at all...your heart should be full of it. In my humble opinion, of course. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, Gorgeous!

Here's to You... & Hearts full of Kindness & Love,

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"Say What?" said...

I saw that video a few weeks ago and it's really touched me. I also have a problem with "religious people". I'm having a hard time fitting in with "church". Been praying about it ... hoping to find my place.

Yes, God=Love!