Sunday, January 16, 2011


Welcome to the blog Dolls! It's my first time ever blogging so I guess we'll be on this journey together! This is something I've always wanted to do & after a long wished for's ALL done! Thanks to Shari at Little Blue Deer, who TRULY is a creative visions (on paper) were transformed into this most beautiful dream page...EVER! This is what I gave her to work with! It is PERFECTLY well...PERFECT!

Thank you...with EVERY beat of my heart, Shari! I am oh so grateful! If you are looking to start a blog, or make yours EVEN CUTER...Shari is your girl!

 Even though I am starting on this date in many of the best days of my life so far...happened to happen last year...I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to go back...before I go forward. I figured since it is MY blog & since I have only one follower so wouldn't be a problem! Ha Ha Ha. So...before we look ahead to this wonderful current year...please join me to recap & relive my 2010 Highlights! Here's to the beginning of a journey through Love, Laughter, & OUR Happily Ever Afters! 

A brand new, OH SO HAPPY blogger,

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