Monday, January 31, 2011

My Pleasure Book

This little book is inspired by an email my Mama sent me sometime last year, that I thought was absolutely adorable & wanted to start this year. It was about a lady that started writing in a "Pleasure Book". A lot of us write in "Gratitude Journals/Books", which I have & try to do every day, but I've never heard of a Pleasure Book & thought it was adorable! What you do is write mini, random things throughout your day that well...bring you pleasure. A great conversation with a friend, a beautiful sunset, a warm bubble bath...
Here is mine that I created. Inside the book on the left, reads an insert from the email that I cut out & glued to my book. It is just an example of every day pleasures that she wrote in her book. It reads...
"One day's entries ran thus: Had a pleasant letter from Mother. Saw a beautiful lily in a window. Found the pin I thought I lost. Saw such a bright, happy girl on the street. Husband brought some roses in the evening."

I thought this was a perfect way to document all of the little joys that fill up your day. You'll be surprised at how many you can list! In the midst of all of our trials & struggles...if you stop for a minute and look'll notice how beautiful life truly is! On the days you need a little extra sunshine sprinkled on your heart...get out your little book & read about the things that made you smile, until once again...your smile returns.

May your little book overflow with entries that make you smile on the outside AND the inside,

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