Sunday, January 23, 2011

KiKi & LaLa

While on the treadmill today, I was watching a really cute "girly" movie I picked up called MATERIAL GIRLS! 

Not only is one of our good friends Ty Hodges in it (fun surprise)...since it stars real life Sisters Hilary & Haylee of course, reminded me of my Sister. When we were really little, me about 3-4 & her about 5-6...we started telling our Mom stories about certain random things. Knowing that my Mom wasn't aware of these things happening, she would ask us when they happened & we would say, "when we were up to God." Both at completely different times, with neither of us knowing the other said the exact same thing! Kinda crazy for kids so little, unaware of anything like that. Since then, we always believed that we knew each other before being born, and we well...chose each other as Sisters. Our nicknames for each other are KiKi & LaLa, from Hello Kitty, because they are called "The Little Twin Stars", and since we were up in the stars kinda just fit! He He. 

Verenia is KiKi & I am LaLa. Even though one is a boy & one is a girl...we loved them just the same. They are always together & that was our favorite part. As a symbol of our time "up to God" & "in the stars", we bought each other gold bands, scattered with tiny little diamonds "stars" to always remember those special moments in our lives & celebrate our bond as Sisters.

Kinda hard to see, but it looks a lot like the top ring in this picture, only skinnier & instead of the diamonds perfectly placed...they are more scattered. More like stars. 

The last year or so, has been such a busy one for me, but now that I am very happily Married & all of my self induced stress is over...I look forward to spending so much more time with my Sister again. I have missed her so much more than she knows & can't wait to share the rest of life's precious moments with her! Life is much too short & family is much too special! Hug your siblings EXTRA tight today & make sure they always know how much you love them. They truly are one of life's...most precious gifts! I love you, KiKi! Thank you for being the greatest big Sissy I could ever ask for! 

I LOVE my Sister,


Beth said...

Oh wow.... *happy tear* that is so incredibly sweet!

Veronika said...

Awww...Thank you, Beth. =) I love her SO much & I love you too! XO