Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The 75 minutes that have officially…changed my life...forever.

If you, or someone you know is depressed, feeling hopeless/defeated, hurt, struggling, trying to understand "why", heart-broken, jobless/homeless, stressed, lost, bullied, coveting, suicidal, in a "funk", or is hurting…in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM…please please…if there ever is a time that I can encourage & inspire…in even the slightest wayPLEASE WATCH THISNOW

Of all the posts I could ever publish, in all my time on earth…I don't think any will ever be as powerful & life changing as this one. 

Wives/Husbands…please watch this with your Spouses. Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Partners…this one's for you. Parents…please watch this with your children. Families…please watch this all together. Or if you're alone like me right this second…please please watch it all by yourself. 
I PROMISE you…it will change your life! 

I bought this movie at Barnes & Noble months ago, & have been waiting for the "perfect" time to watch it with Bobby, but we've always been "too busy". Now that he's away at camp, & I have plenty of time to myself…I was looking through my movies & this one was screaming my name. For those of you who don't already know…I've been "struggling" for the last few years, with many changes, and have never been as "unhappy" in all of my life. To the world…I realize how impossible that may seem, or how ungrateful I may look, but you see…happiness is not at all a result of the things that you "have", whether material or not. I do have it all. The house, the cars, the job, the dream Husband, the most amazing Family & Friends, more LV's than the store itself, but still…I haven't been happy. I've always known that money doesn't buy happiness, but I never known how to articulate that message…until now. The best way to sum up what I've always known, and what I've struggled with for a few years now…is this movie/documentary. 

You see…we all dream of a life of "more", and believe with all of our hearts, that when & if we get there…our heaven will exist. I'm living proof that it's the furthest thing from the truth. Now don't misunderstand…money DOES make you more "comfortable", but it DOES NOT make you happier. You ever heard the saying, "MO MONEY. MO PROBLEMS"? THAT is the truth, and what the world forgets to share with the dreamers & the achievers. You see, as soon as you've "made it"…you stop & look around…& all of a sudden…you're all alone. People treat you differently, and how much fun is it to have abundance…when everyone around you is hurting? When families are working 10 jobs to be able to provide, & you have no kids at home. When you can travel all over the world, but the ones you love most & want to share those experiences with…can't. When people no longer want to come to your house because they feel it's "too nice" & the gifts they used to give you that came from the bottom of their beautiful hearts…no longer are given without feeling ashamed. You see, my loves…money is a dichotomy of many blessings, but also many curses, so please please don't "wait" for the day you have "more", or covet anything anyone else possesses. We all have our struggles, and we all have our crosses to bear. No one is without pain. No matter how much is in their bank account. 

But…with all this said…I also know that the more money Bobby & I make…the more lives we can help, change, touch, and…since I'm a FIRM believer that what I put out into the universe will 100% manifest…this will be the only time I speak on this topic. It's something that's been weighing on my heart for years now, but I refuse to "complain" about it, because I know full well God is listening, and I never want him to take away, our way to make an impact. I am fully aware of how truly blessed I am…in every way…but until now…I've never known how to not feel guilty for the life I've been given. I now know that God gave me this life, not because I'm any "luckier" than anyone else…but he gave it to me because he knew I would share. 
If you've ever wanted to know why I give so much…this, my beautiful Angels…is why. 

(Bobby gives everything & has worked for the last 18 years at the same company & has earned every penny. Neither one of us was born into money & although we are 100% blessed…we're not talkin' Donald Trump status, so don't worry! LOL. But to me…I am rich. For every ounce of his hard work & dedication…I couldn't be more proud. You took "provider" to another level & you're the best Husband in the world. Little shout out to my Boo! I ♥ you, Babe.)

I love you all…with every beat of my heart…and I pray that the love, peace & gratitude…I feel in my heart at this very minute…will in some small way…touch each & every one of your beautiful souls.

Be kind. Help out. Practice random acts of kindness. Stick up for the wounded. Fight for what's right. Don't fit in. Be humble. Give. LOVE LOVE & LOVE some more. Pray. Be Thankful. Hope. Dream. Believe. And ALWAYS know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason…EXACTLY as it should. What doesn't make sense now…will. Keep the faith & keep becoming the beautiful light you were meant to be. 
And most importantly…believe that you deserve all of this…and so much more

It's time for you to finally be..."Happy"!

With All The Love One ♥ Could Possibly Possess,


Adriana Ortiz said...

Wow, as Im sitting here reading this and of course a little emotional now, I look up at my beautiful baby boys sitting next to me and realize how blessed I am. Im just missing my daughters who are visiting their other parents and missing my hubby who is working and works hard so I can be a stay at mom. Which will be a year this month and still trying to get use to it. Its definitly hard letting go of my own financial responsibility to our home. Your post just reminded me that I should be thankful that my husband works hard and is able to get us a brand new home and I should stop complaining about not being able to get an LV purse or tory burch shoes. Saying it out loud now, makes me feel a little shallow. Thank you for the reminder you really are an inspiration! I'm so thankful I found you and your blog!


Krystal Soles said...

Oh My Dear, Beautiful Veronika- Thank You SO Much for such a beautiful, heartful, and meaningful post. You and your family have always brought so much light into my life throughout the years. THANK YOU for all the positive energy and love that you send my way with a random Facebook post and a special blog that touches my heart. And I don't know if I ever properly thanked you or your family for being a family to my dad for so long. He loved all of you and I felt like the luckiest girl when we would be invited to your home and holiday gatherings. Those happy moments will always be in my heart and bring a smile to my face. I am sorry your heart is hurting with unhappiness- if I could take it all away I would, as it would just be a repayment to you for taking care of my dad the way you ALL did. Every time I feel grumpy I literally ask myself "How does Veronika stay so positive?" I have never said it, but you have been a beautiful inspiration in my life to do better and spread love. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I Love You Sister!!!! And I hope that this little message made you smile and lifted just the smallest bit of unhappy from your sunshine <3 You always seem to do it for me :)

Susan Liberatore said...

I must see this! You have me curious.
And I do wonder, like your other readers and friends, how you stay SO positive and inspirational all the time.
You are amazing. xo

Mrs in Training said...

beautiful post! i will have to check that movie out. xo

Diana Wrzask said...

Awesome. I am going to have to get this DVD. Hubby comes home from his deployment soon, so we will have a chance to watch it! :)
I also wanted to let you know that your blog has inspired me to start me own! At first it was just for fitness related stuff. I decided to take another shot at being a beachbody coach. Last time I was having a hard time and had to stop. I'm going to try to stick it through this time! Anyway, my blog kinda has other "life" stuff, not just fitness. Take a look if you get a chance!


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

what a great post. I must watch this as soon as I possible can.

Thanks for sharing!