Friday, March 29, 2013

"Bombshell Bunnies" Easter Giveaway!

Happy Friday, Beauties!
I asked, and you answered, so…here you go!
No matter how late I received these goods…you still wanted me to post this, so…this one's for you, my loves! 
After this Giveaway…& one more to completely catch up…I'll be back to my regular posts. 
Not that I think you guys mind too much! 


Here's How to Enter!

First & Foremost...

You must be a Follower of my Blog & not just a reader. He He. You have to click "Join This Site" & become an addition to the beautiful, smiling faces...on the left side of my blog! I know a lot of you are unsure as to why you have to "join this site" aka "follow", instead of just reading, but in the blogging world...the only way we gain creditability is by how many "documented" readers/followers we have. It's kinda like reading a magazine in line at the store, but never buying it! LOL! Hope that makes sense. Don't worry won't be bombarded with emails/notifications, etc. In won't even receive one! So even if you're a guy & want to win any of my giveaways for a special someone in your are more than welcome as well! Oh & I just found out that "Joining This Site" aka "Following my Blog" is next to impossible on a phone. WAY easier to do from a computer. Maybe that's why so many people have had trouble in the past. So sorry about that. Other than's as easy as can be. Just make sure to write down your password, so you can always be entered in Giveaways & well as comment.

The above & below are a must to be eligible & the additional 3 are extra! 


1) Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook HERE
2) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter HERE
 3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt"  on Facebook HERE
4) Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin HERE
5) Follow "Veronika" on Pinterest HERE
6) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Instagram HERE
 7) Leave a comment on this page with your full name, & how many entries you've entered.

*Blog about this Giveaway- 2 extra entries
*Tweet about this Giveaway- 1 extra entry
*Facebook this Giveaway- 1 extra entry    



Giveaway will close on Friday, April 5th at Midnight (Texas Time) & is open world wide! 



And because I love you so...

Somebunny Loves You…I DO!


Jennette Pokorny said...

I love you V!! Happy Easter to TEAM BV! Jennette Pokorny 7 entries. Muah! XOXO

Adriana Ortiz said...

Super Cute.....5 entries.

Thank you!!!!

Dayna Gallaway said...

Eeeeeek!!!! I love bunnies!!! Those slippers are adorable!! I hope u and ur loved ones have a Happy Easter and may The Lords love keep shining down on you!!! Your a blessing!!! Luv ya girly!! 6 entries heheh

meegan whitford said...

Another amazing giveaway! I have done steps 1-7 and posted on fb

and tweeted

My name is Meegan Whitford and thanks so very much for a chance to win! I know I just won so I hope it ok to enter again those bunny slippers are adorable!

I hope you and your family and a very Happy Easter!!!

Kim Phillips said...

6 love.... kim phillips ;) ur the best! !!!

Cammie Holley said...

absolutely love you sweety. <3 blogged, tweeted, facebooked, and followed you on all. Not sure how many entries that is as I don't know if the must haves are separate or lumped together but I have all possible entries. CammieRae Noneya on facebook Cammie Holley everywhere else <3

Krystal Soles said...

Hey Pretty Lady!!! Such an adorable giveaway :) Enter me for 8 please- all mandatory, Tweeted and FBed.

Love you <3

Diana Ahmetzanova said...

1)FB Diana Ahmetzanova
2)Twitter @1996_diana_0702
4)PinterestДиана Ахметзянова
8 entries...Thank you!

Лейсан Дружелюбная said...

Leysan Druzheluybnay
5 entries +

Irina G. said...

Thank you for such a great giveaway!)
GFC: Irina Gnatiuk
Liked "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook, name: Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
Following "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter, name: @IrinaZhoze
Following "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook
Following "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin, name: Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
Following "Veronika" on Pinterest, name: Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
Following "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Instagram, name: @irinagnatiuk

Bonus entries:
Shared on Facebook:

Full name: Irina Gnatiuk

8 entries

Brittany Taylor said...

Six for me pleaseeeee :) xoxo

Solarride Rivernik said...

gfc : solarride rivernik
All done for me, that means 10 entries right? ^^

1) FB : Solarride Rivernik
2) Twitter : @Solarride
3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook : Solarride Rivernik
4) Bloglovin : Solarride Rivernik
5) Pinterest Solarride Rivernik
6) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Instagram : [I'm using my lil bro's id, I can't share it here]

Extra Entry
Blog about the giveaway :
Tweeted :
Facebook Share :

email : solarride.rivernik[at]

Bree said...

Hoppy Easter Girly! Another amazing Giveaway as usual! Hope you have a great weekend. I have all 11 entries! Love you Girl.


Teresa Koedyker said...

Teresa Koedyker

9 entries

Teresa Koedyker said...

I forgot to say thank you and I love your blog!!!

Nida Moughal said...

Eeeeek. .. wonderful giveaway once again :-)
I have total of five entries.
I hope I win this time ♥ ♥ ♥ you are so generous.

radmilamila said...

hi Veronika
it's been such a fun following your blog and all the cute thematic giveaways lately!
i have been your follower for a while on GFC (Radmila U)
1) i Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook (name Radmila Ustych)
2)i Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter (@radmilamila)
3) i Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook
4) i am your follower on Bloglovin - name Radmila
5)i follow you on Pinterest - name Radmila
6) i follow you on instagram - name MsRadmilamila
7)and i tweeted

Thanks a lot, Radmila Ustych, (from Ukraine)

Leslie said...

Such a cute giveaway!!! you are so very gracious!!!!!! as you know:

1) i Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook
2) i Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook
3) i am your follower on Bloglovin
4)i follow you on Pinterest
5) i follow you on instagram
6) I follow your blog
7)I facebook this giveaway (extra entry)
Thanks V!!!! :) <3

Clare said...

You have the best giveaways!!

Clare Cullivan--7 entries! <3

Maria Sandoval said...

I wanna get Bunnyfide!!! I have 7 entries my fantastic gal pal!!! XO

Елена Лысенко said...

Thank you for such a great giveaway!)
GFC: Елена Лысенко
1) Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook - Елена Лысенко
2) Following "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter - @olfa2909
3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook - Елена Лысенко
4) Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin - Elena Lysenko
5) Follow "Veronika" on Pinterest - Елена Лысенко

*Blog about this Giveaway -
*Tweet about this Giveaway -
*Facebook this Giveaway -

Елена Лысенко said...

7 entries

Susan Liberatore said...

Look who can finally comment!!
Love you girl. xo