Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Home At Christmastime.

Here it is, Guys & Dolls. 
Our Home At Christmastime.
I apologize in advanced for the insane amount of pictures.
So hard to show you all the details in just a few. 

Hope you enjoyed your visit. It was a pleasure to have you. 
 Have a beautiful night, Lovlies. Thank you for sharing part of it with me. 

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2 more days!

Sending You Christmas Love,


Blonde Episodes said...

Everything looks gorgeous V!!!!! Wow, honey...loving it. I just received your gorgeous card yesterday. Thank you so much darling! I am such a terrible friend. I didn't send any. I promise to get you something soon. Have a fantastic Christmas and I miss seeing you on Twitter gorgeous! Kori xoxo

Michelle said...

Your home looks lovely and full of the Christmas spirit <3 thanks for sharing with those of us who can't be there with you <3 Merry Christmas Veronika. I love you bunches!

ps~ enter me in your lovely contest please~ LOL

Meghan Richards said...

You have a lovely home, and what a fun office! I love how you decorate-Blog idea (Veronika's decorating dreams)
You are an inspiration!

Merry Christmas and Many Blessings!


Carolyn said...

I love your house! So pretty! :)

And the decorations are amazing! Great job!!!

Also - Love the shoe pic of you and the man. So cute!!! :)

Veronika said... all sure know how to make a girl feel good! =) Thank you. Thank you...Thank you! =) I love & appreciate you all! Thank you for letting me share with you. Since I would have LOVED to have you all over for Christmas...this has to be the next best thing! =) Love & Hugs to you all! XO

Heather said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You have really outdone yourself! Your trees look professional! I love seeing your craft room. As a recipient of your handywork...I love seeing where it all happens! :) Everything looks absolutely beautiful, V. Nice, nice, nice job.