Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Giveaway!

Hey Gorgeous Dolls!
It's that time again! Time to show all my love & gratitude, and as always...some of my very favorite goodies with you! Nothing says Christmas than giving giving giving!'s what one lucky winner will win this time! 

♥ This giveaway is open to all my blog followers. This way you get one automatic entry for being a follower, you just need to comment below.
♥ Post about the giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) and get one additional entry (2 entries if you post in both places). And of course I need to be your friend/ be able to be sure that you did! Gotta be fair! If I'm not already...add me to both with my links in the sidebar (FACEBOOK & TWEETHEARTS).
♥ Follow & post on my Facebook "Fan" Page (PAPARAZZI)
♥ If you make a post/mention in your blog about this giveaway you get TWO entries!

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook Fan Page: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

Now, you just need to comment with your name & all your entries, pretty please & also link me to your tweet/facebook post/blog post to get the additional entries if you promote.

For all of my Facebook Friends, who are not "bloggers" & don't yet follow my blog...I know a lot of you have had trouble before, so the best way for me to explain it is...
1. Click on the little blue button above all the little faces you see on the left hand side of my page that reads, "JOIN THIS SITE". From there you will have the option to join with either your Google, Twitter, or Yahoo accounts. If you don't have any of these...the easiest one would be to create a Google account. VERY simple instructions from there. This way...all of you to be able to win!

This Giveaway will run for two weeks, & will close on Friday, the 23rd. at Midnight! (Texas Time)
Winner will be announced the following day!

For my recent Giveaway Winners...your love is on it's way to you! I'm still waiting on Maniya's address, though, so if anyone knows her...please tell her I'm looking for her!
Thank you so very much!

Here's to you, my Gorgeous Beauties!
You are the most favorite followers/friends one could ask or wish for.
Thank you all so much for being here & supporting my little blog.
I love & appreciate you all!

Love, HUGE Hug & Holiday Goodies,


Meghan Richards said...

I hope I win this time. What a generous gift! I love it. Please enter me in.
Many Blessings,
Meghan Kopes Richards
@MegMRich twitter
Blog is

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook Fan Page: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

Alyssa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alyssa said...

Being a follower: 1

Tweet about the giveaway: 1!/acoustic_alley

Promote on Facebook: 1 entry

Promote on Facebook Fan Page: 1 entry

Promote on your blog: 2 entries

total: 6

Margarita Bloom said...

I love a great giveaway! giggle..

Just followed your blog! 1 entry
Tweeted about the giveaway: 1 entry!/MBGlamourville

Leslie said...

Hey Veronika, looks like a very cute and fun giveaway! I'd like to enter! thank you for doing these giveaways!! :)

Being a follower: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook Fan Page: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

jennettefisher said...

I love you the mostest so just send the stuff to my house. But for reals girl you know how much I love you V! Merry Christmas to my most fav doll!

Veronika said...

Awww...thank you so much! I'm SO excited that YOU'RE so excited! =) Yeay! I've got all of you down & will pick the winner at Midnight tonight & post it tomorrow! SO excited to see who wins! Thank you all for your endless Love & Support! I love & appreciate you so much! And are too cute & speaking of sending you things...I have a card for you, but realized I never got your address. =) If you still want it...I'd love to send it! =) Thank you, Honey, & you KNOW I love you the very same! You are ALWAYS in my heart! And I WILL enter you in the contest! =) XO

peniam said...

Hello my dear :) I'm a new follower and I'm happy I'm not too late for this amazing giveaway!!!
GFC: peniam
I'm following you on Twitter: @Peniamm
Here is the tweet:!/Peniamm/status/150365554631385089
I just added you on FB: Monika Peniam Pl and I shared this giveaway but I have no idea how can I get the url to prove..
Thank you for this giveaway..

jules said...

I love your blog and your awesome giveaways! Merry Chritmas to you, Bobby, Dolce and Gabbana :D

3 enteries for me :D

The Original Drama Mama said...

I was so lucky to have won earlier this year, so enter me or not - I don't mind either way :)(I love presents and I love winning things so it's hard to resist!)

Thank you so very very much for the sexy and sweet holiday card...this is the first year ever I am so behind I did not get mine out on you will probably be receiving a "New Year's" card instead!

The Original Drama Mama said...

Just wished all my friends some holiday luck and posted about the giveaway on FaceBook :)

The Original Drama Mama said...

And a tweet too (not from a partridge in a pear tree though)!/OriginalDraMama/status/150399687378214912

Veronika said...

HUGE hug to you ALL, and a VERY Happy 2012! No worries at all, Mel! I totally understand! =) So happy you got it & you are so welcome! =) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season! XO

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