Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Home At Christmastime.

Hey Loves.
I hope all is wonderful & that you're enjoying this Holiday Season so far!
Since we've been away most of December & weren't sure if we'd be in a new house by the first of the year (Still aren't. More details when I have them. Stay Tuned.)…we haven't even put up a tree yet, or decorated at all! If you know me…THAT'S INSANE! No Christmas Cards yet, etc. So…I thought it would be fun to share with you what our house looked liked last year, & exactly what it would look like again this year…if we weren't away. If you've already seen these, sorry for the repeat, but since I have so many new Followers/Friends this year (thank you ALL…so so much)…I'm just assuming a lot of you haven't. Also…I would LOVE to see all of your decorations as well. NO matter what you celebrate! Link up & let's share homes! 
So…without further adieu... 
Here it is, Guys & Dolls. 
Our Home At Christmastime.
I apologize in advanced for the insane amount of pictures.
So hard to show you all the details in just a few. 

Hope you enjoyed your visit. It was a pleasure to have you. 
 Have a beautiful night, Lovlies. Thank you for sharing part of it with me. 

And if you haven't yet…


Sending You Christmas Love,


Anonymous said...

Your house looks GORGEOUS!!!! I'm so holiday obsessed & you take the cake Mama!!!

Christopher Sebastian said...

Your house is beautiful, and the decorations are to die for. God bless your beautiful home :)

Christopher Sebastian said...

Your house is beautiful, and the decorations are to die for. God bless your beautiful home :)

Miranda M. said... your house is basically a winter wonderland haha! this is beautiful, I love all the little things you added, in some of the pictures it took me a bit to see everything so lovely!

I was scrolling through and said the reindeer is my favorite, then I saw the gold tree, then I saw the gingerbread decoration...haha basically they're all my favorites!

Beautiful! you sure know how to get in the holiday spirit :)

Pretty Squared

Jenna said...

Your home is gorgeous! I love all of your holiday decorations! I love how festive you are!

Hope you're having a great holiday season!

Love always

Susan said...

K. I'm cheating too but wanted to participate!
These are a few snaps (including a little of the decor) from last year's Xmas.
Your house looks so cozy! Gorg.

Susan said...

PS - what is that room with all the candy in it? When I visit, I will sleep in there. That's all.

The Balch Bunch said...

WOW what a beautiful home!

Merry Christmas doll!

Diana Wrzask said...

Hey! I'm a new follower! Your house is amazing! I love it so much! I can't wait to go back and read all your pasts posts!! <3 <3
love from cali!


confessionsofagnes said...

looking through the pictures made me feel like i'm in a fairytale, you're house is gorgeous, you're so lucky <3