Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Santa,

Hi Gorgeous Ones.
I hope all is beautiful in your world...and in your hearts.
With Christmas right around the corner...I wanted to share with you something that's always heavy on my heart this time of year.
As we all know...from birth, kids are taught about Santa & that if "you're good all year"...Santa will come. And if not...he won't.
What kids are not taught, for the sake of believing of that Santa is Mommy & Daddy, and if Mommy & Daddy have had a rough matter how good they are...Christmas will be a much smaller celebration. 
It always breaks my heart to picture these sweet little angels, waiting for Santa to come, only to wake up to a few tiny presents...if any at all.
They don't understand what they did wrong & why their little neighbor friends & kids at school...all got more. 
I heard this little story & wanted to share it with all of you.
Whether you're the parent who's had a tough year (like most people have), or know someone who has...this is a perfect way to make Christmas a little less heartbreaking.
I heard a woman saying that ever since her kids were little she started a tradition of only 3 gifts per child.
If times were good that year...they were awesome gifts, & if times were a little harder...they were small. But no matter what...3 gifts.
And her reasoning..."If it was good enough for is good enough for my kids." 
You see, even Jesus himself...only received 3 gifts. And NO ONE is better than him.
I LOVED this story I thought it was a great message to pass on & definitely one to implement. No matter how your Christmases of the past have's never too late to start a new tradition. 
Christmas really isn't about presents at all, but to a's everything.
So...please pass this on to all the parents you know who are worried about a "small" Christmas this year & if you're able...please donate to any kids you can. Bobby & I just donated 7 brand new bikes, and are working on many more gifts to share. 
THAT to the best way to celebrate Christmas!

And just for fun...
I'd love to read your grown-up Christmas Lists!
Feel free to link-up & add them here for you to share with your family & friends as well!
Santa will never know what you want...if you don't tell him!     

HUGE Love & Hugs to you ALL!
You add so much joy to my life & I couldn't love or appreciate you more.
Thank you for being here & for being...YOU!


And Because I Love You So...Here you go!

Have a Beautiful, Cozy Night,


Miranda M. said...

what a beautiful story, we should always be more thankful and mindful of everything we have, we should not be taking things for granted.

I always donate something to toy drives, even if it's a stuffed cheap toy, it will be someone's favorite toy

wonderful post :)

Pretty Squared

Jenna said...

I love this post! I think that setting a limit is a wonderful idea. You're so right, its never too late to start a new tradition.

I love how you and Bobby give back. You both have such beautiful hearts. You are amazing.

I am totally going to link up with my letter to Santa! I would love to read YOUR letter to Santa as well! :)

love always

Jennifer said...

I said something similar to my husband about Santa's gifts. He was in the mindset that everything she gets is from Santa. I said, no, that's wrong. Even in movies Santa brings ONE present to a child. So, we are going small on the present(s) from Santa. Anything else will be from mommy and daddy. I hope in our area people don't have everything from the big guy. I mean really, don't you want credit too? Santa can't bring iPod's ... he brings toys!!!

Lindsey said...

What a great reminder! You are always so so generous :)

Leslie said...

Such a great reminder!! this will be the first Christmas ever that we can't afford to get our 4 boys gifts. My husband has been out of work since Halloween day. We have NO income coming in at all!! :( we did not get unemployment, his previous employer did not approve it. :( We have been receiving help with our bills that are necessity bills. We are getting help through the state with our groceries and health insurance. It breaks my heart to not have money to get our boys anything!!!!!!! I feel so helpless and like such a loser! LOL It's hard having a teenager and preteen. All they want is electronics ( I pod 5) and they are like $300 a piece!!!! that's a lot of money for just one child. My younger too boys just want some odds and ends of toys they like. My husband is frantically in the process of trying to get his LO license so he can get on with a co. by the first of the year. I keep reminding my boys that we have no money coming in to be grateful that we have our health, our home, electricity, and food. But they still want to feel the spirit of Christmas but we just can't provide that this year. I cry every day!! I know their are families that have it SO much worse then we do. Next Christmas we hope to make it up to our boys and just hope and pray they don't hate us or Santa for no gifts. Trying to stay strong and hopeful for a better New Year!!

Susan said...

What an amazing story and tradition. I think one our biggest goals has always been not to spoil our children AND to teach them to give to the less fortunate.
So far, so good...

Susan said...

Oh and I'm with Jenna! Would love to see YOUR Christmas list.

confessionsofagnes said...

that's a great story and i will use it as an example when i will have kids :)