Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, My Gorgeous Girls!
 I sure hope your day has been perfect so far, & that you truly feel...as loved as you are! Today I'm teaming with one of my very favorite beauties, Kori from Blonde Episodes & sharing all of our thoughts on what love means to us.

Wow. Where do I even begin? Well...since it is Valentine's Day & I am madly in love...I'll have to first & foremost...dedicate this post to my Beautiful, Amazing, Oh So Handsome, Makes me so proud every day, Kindest soul I know...my B. To say that I love him is THE BIGGEST UNDERSTATEMENT of all time! I adore him, and I could never imagine a day without him. He is my Husband, My Best Friend, My Family, My Roommate, My Partner in Business & in Life...he is my world & there's no other team I'd rather be on! I love this man...with all that lives inside of me...and everything else that doesn't fit! I just love him. I love him! Happy "forever" Valentine's Day, Baby!

I love my Family...so much more than love & so much more than any words could ever express. I could not have asked for a more wonderful Ohana & they really are...heaven sent. They've shown me more love in my lifetime...than any 4 people ever have, and more than any one person ever could dream of.

I love my Friends. They're as great as it gets & there's so much love between us! We really do...have each other's backs & to know this...is as priceless as it gets! I love you all. With every beat of my heart.

And of course...my precious D&G. The reason I can't wait to go home...the very second I leave. They are my babies & I love them with all of my heart. They're the best part of all of my days, and my very favorite cuddle-bugs. Mommy couldn't love you more...if I had two hearts!

Valentine's Day to me...is about love in every form, not just the love between couples. It's a day to celebrate everything & everyone who fills your life with love. If you are spending this day with someone/anyone special at all...it is a perfect day! And if you're spending it alone. YOU are as special as it gets, so it's even more perfect!

To ALL you single, gorgeous girls out there...don't listen to a SINGLE word about "still" being single or feel the least bit sad on this day! I got married at 33 (last year), & I have never been happier! The difference between 20 & 30 is huge (not in size, but in your wisdom/experience)...so don't rush! Just because other people have these self-made "time-lines"...don't fall for that BS! "I will be married by 30 with 3 kids"...Can you say Kim K! You see how well it worked for her! (God Bless Her. It's so sad. Take your time, Kim. You're enough...all by yourself.) Think about it...how many people do you know, your age...who were married, divorced & are single parents already? Don't let that happen to you. Take your time, live your life, and in God's time, not yours...it will happen. Let it happen. Just because you're taken, doesn't mean you're loved. NEVER forget that. One of my favorite quotes for you guys is..."Dear Girl, don't worry if you're single. God is looking at you right now saying..."I'm saving this girl for someone special". WAIT for the special one. ANYONE can meet someone & call him "the one", take your time & really LIVE it. Ok...sermon's over! HUGE hug to all of you & your AWESOME Single-ness! Now go out there & rule to world!

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!
You are Loved & wished this absolute world!


With all my Love,

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