Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sex Ed

Attention All (Already) Sexually Active Hotties!
If you're not already active…I'm absolutely not promoting or condoning promiscuity…in any way, shape or form.
I'm a firm believer in waiting until you're madly in love, married, or at least…21!

But for those of you who this applies to…I wanted to go out on a limb here & share something with you that's so so simple, but so many women are never told/taught.
This is not a topic that usually falls into the birds & the bees category, if you've ever received that talk at all.
I'm not even sure who told me the first time, but I know it has stayed with me forever & I wanted to share it with all of you.

It is…wait for it…the importance of urinating after sex.
Yep you heard me.
After any kind of sex. 
Even if you don't feel the urge to pee. Just try. Every drop counts.

SO MANY WOMEN suffer daily from UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) & so many times…this could be why. I've had one in my life (of course it was before this news), and it is one of the worst things…EVER! 

Since I've implemented this method (LOL)…I've never had another. Ever.

But…if I can help even one of you never get one again…this post was worth it.
Besides…I'm a happily married woman, who looks at all of you as my huge group of Girlfriends/Sisters, so you KNOW I've gotta hook my girls (& guys) up!
Yep. This rule applies to men too.
Men don't suffer nearly as much, but it definitely couldn't hurt to be extra cautious.
It flushes all the bacteria out of your body & helps you to remain pain free!
Here's a little extra proof from the people who know best.

Please feel free to pass this info on to every woman you know!
Especially if you know someone suffering right now.
Also…as an extra precaution…I take 2 little cranberry pills a day…just in case.
By the time you have to run to the store for Cranberry Juice & Meds…you've already began to hurt.
This way…you'll never get another UTI…in the first place.

Hope this helps.
If you have any further questions & don't want to leave them here…feel free to message me & I'll do my best to help a Sista out!

And again…if you're under 21…
this is my advice to you…


The earlier you have sex…the more heartache you'll endure.
Save yourself & your heart…for the one who deserves it/you…most.


And if you're new here & haven't yet...

Wishing you a night as beautiful as you!

Because I love you & never want you to be in pain,


Anonymous said...

I pee before AND after because I'm so prone to UTI's!! Being a woman sucks sometimes!!

Brittany Taylor said...

Last year I was hospitalized due a UTI - worst time of my life. Went to my regular MD & was given a prescription. Turns out the UTI had turned into a kidney infection. Instead of treating the kidney infection, it got worse. I ended up getting an infection in my blood that potentially could've killed me. My blood pressure and heart rate was elevated & I spent 4 long nights in the hospital getting a blood transfusion, antibiotics and tons of other meds to make me better. This is so serious! I'm so glad you posted this! Let me be the first to agree - PLEASE pee before and after. Even if its not just sex. Any kind of bacteria can be present on fingers, toys, etc. Make him wash his hands & ladies - clean your toys daily! We all want to keep our "treasure boxes" in too shape for our men! Oh & PS - I'm 27! :) - Thank you V! Love you for this!! Always gotta keep it real Boo Boo! xoxo LOL

Susan said...

You are seriously one of the sweetest people I've ever encountered. And a smart cookie.
I had a UTI that was so bad (of course when I first started dating my husband!) that I had to be rushed to emergency and put on morphine. Veryyyy painful.
Great info! xo

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness I go through spurts of getting UTI's all of the time. I have been diagnosed as having chronic UTI's (6 in 6 months...holy heck was that awful! lol)

I think it is awesome that you are sharing this on your blog! I think it is important that women, and men, become more proactive in their own health. Knowledge is power!


Heather said...

Very good advice! I educate and treat patients every shift with UTI's. I never include this but, will from now on! It will make me think of you which is cool and bizarre all at the same time! LOVE you!

Leslie said...

I currently have a UTI and am on medication to get rid of it. It's slowly getting better. I take those cranberry pills every day also! I might just be more susceptible to getting them. They are SOOOOOO painful!!!!!!! :( I have never thought to pee before, sometimes I do after, guess I need to do it before and after always! maybe that will help me from getting them at all!!! :) thanks for the info!