Sunday, April 1, 2012

Remember Me?

Hi Guys!
It's me, Veronika.
Just in case you've forgotten about me. (insert sad face here)
I will never forget about you, & even though I don't post every day...I always stop by, & I always send you love & the very best wishes!

I'm away right now, on a 10 day business trip, & will be home early Tuesday morning. Because I am away...I'll post my 2 upcoming Giveaways...just as soon as I arrive, and as soon as all my "goodies" arrive. Still waiting on a few things before I post my infamous "Giveaway spread pic"!

So...just to fill you all in...I'm really not as big of a slacker as I seem (well...maybe sometimes),'s the scoop, & reason for my absent-ness. 

1. I travel a lot for work, so with the different time zones, & work of course...sometimes it's hard to get everything done before my days end. 

2. I have to be inspired, & have something interesting/beneficial to share. I don't wanna just post pictures from say, Pinterest...unless you love them as much as I do, & want to see them, of course. He He. I just try to put as much thought, creativity, I can into my posts.  

3. I'm an insane perfectionist, so if I can't make it perfect...I don't do it at all. Not necessarily a good thing...just keeping' it real! 

So...what I want to know from you guys, pretty what you'd prefer...

Do you want me to post only the best things, & be MIA sometimes...or post every day...just to see me every day? I'd really LOVE to know, & would totally appreciate your honesty. Think about your favorite blogs. What makes you come back day after day? Do you look for/are you hoping for anything specific when you visit? Do you get discouraged if you check every day, and there are no new posts? I would LOVE LOVE your help! Since I really do write this blog for you...I want to know how I can be the best little blogger I can be, and add a little extra sunshine to all of your days. 

I really am open to all suggestions, opinions, ideas...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Blogging/Sharing is such a passion for me, and I want to grow with, learn with, inspire, build lasting relationships, encourage, love...each & every one of you.

Thank you for sticking with me, even though you don't always see me. I promise...I am always just a click away! 

I love & appreciate you all & pray that this brand new month is filled with nothing but moments that make you smile! 

Have a beautiful night & I'll see you tomorrow! 

SO looking forward to your input,


Krystal Soles said...

Hey V!!! I'm kind of excited I'm the first to leave a comment :)... So it's funny because I have been DYING to read a blog from you lately, which is why the other night I was browsing the oldies! So truly, I would sort of love an every other day journal/blog-only because your blog is so inspiring and uplifting. I literally ask myself "How can I be as nice as V is?"And its sort of a bonus that I actually know you vs. random bloggers I've never met. You're a beautiful connection to my old memories <3 But seriously, you're a working girl. I totally know that and would NEVER expect a daily or even every other day blog. That's bananas! I feel so busy sometimes I forget to feed my cats!!! Blogging is a luxury and its a pleasure to read whenever you have a minute to check in. Soooo... in conclusion, this uber loyal fan TOTALLY gets it and will not demand a thing... But loves when a new blog appears <3 It makes my day :) <3K

Kelley Christiancy said...

Hi! I am new to your blog but I see you had a lot of supportive friends in the blog world that value your blogging! I am new to blogging and found you through my good friend blondeepisodes, Kori I am new at blogging and I am trying to make new friends in the blog community and I see you have done a great job at that! Come check out my blog and tell me what you think I would appreciate it! Have a great day!!